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I hold my breath, close my eyes, yet I’m observing.
Trying to connect to it’s beauty instead of reality.”


Sjoukje van Gool (1982) grew up in the Netherlands, surrounded by nature: water and woods. The images, sensations and colours of these remain deeply ingrained in her being, and are reflected in her work. 

Her photographs are pulsing, and speak mainly about what isn’t seen. She captures reality as she sees and feels it: a dreamt world that can be anywhere, any time. She questions life from within, and uses nature, and especially water as her ­metaphor. She is specialized in underwater photography and runs her own Underwater Studio in The Netherlands.

Characteristic for her work is the use of intense ­colours. Sjoukje believes colour has the ability, just like music, to go directly into the brain, without judgement. As a pure sense. 

Because of her love for less common, and sometimes rare woods, Sjoukje designs and makes her own frames. By selecting the wood herself, mostly from the residual material in the wood shops, she has full control over the color and pattern of the wood. This gives each frame its own character, and turns the artwork into a unique object. Some of her preferred woods to work with are: zebra wood, coromondel, pockwood, maple, and walnut.

Sjoukje van Gool